Re-evaluation /Rechecking for DEC' 2022 Semester Examination :-

All the eligible candidates who wants to  get  Reevaluation/Rechecking done for the Result declared for Current examination are required to  submit  online application. Fee  in  cash  will only  be accepted  at the designated branches of  Punjab  National  Bank.  No fee/draft  will  be accepted in Board's office.  Follow the following four steps for online  submission  of  application for Reevaluation / Rechecking :

Step 1 : Fill    online       application      form      For Reevalaution / Rechecking  and  get  your  Enrollment  No. 

  Click here to fill online application  form .

Step 2 : Print fee receipt for this Enrollment No. ( Skip this step in case you  have already printed fee receipt   in step No. 1)

 Click here to print fee receipt for registration no. and already generated  enrollment no.                                                                                             

Step 3 : Go      to    that   Punjab    National     Bank   Branch   as printed in the fee receipt . Deposit   fee  as printed in the Fee Receipt and  get Transaction ID from Bank. Step 4 : To complete    the    online   submission       of application  form  for    Rechecking     /    Reevaluation , fill   Transaction   ID    (given  by  Bank)     against   Enrollment No.  All   previous steps  do  not amount to the submission of online application form to the Board and only with    the completion  of  step no. 4  online submission of application form is complete.

 Click here to fill Transaction ID given by Bank

Click Here to Check Fee Status For Reevaluation/Rechecking Application
Important Note : For any problems please send email at